Superheroine Suh

Being self-employed and employing others to break the cycle of poverty is a dream for most entrepreneurs. Our superheroine today is just living this dream. It’s our pleasure to share the incredible story of superheroine Suh Seraphine Nchang!

Suh Seraphine. 31 years old. Cameroon

Suh Seraphine Nchang is a holder of a master’s degree in Arts (History). Last year she had the opportunity to attend a Training in Agriculture, Livestock and Agro Processing organized by NEPAD where she specialized in Food Processing. She later took Yoghurt Production as a business. Before then, she had been trying to get a job to no avail but after the training, she realized being self-employed pays a hundred times more than being an employee. She now owns a business (Faith Yoghurt) which is able to provide employment to some youths in her locality.

Faith Yoghurt.

As the days go by, she sees herself owning an international company with God being her helper. In her own words she encourages young people to “undergo training, become entrepreneurs and employ others. Education is vital but don’t rely solely on your certificates for a better life.” Unemployment is a big challenge for most African youths. Is entrepreneurship the key to breaking the cycle of youth unemployment and poverty? What are your thoughts? leave a comment.

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