Superheroine Bobga

Don’t we all love to look good or to “slay”?( in the parlance of today’s generation). well today we meet our Superheroine Bobga Sandra Gondang who has the superpower to make you look good, smell good and feel good. (BTW you should read more about our superheroes initiative here ).

Sandra Bobga. 22 years old. Cameroon

Bobga Miyilla Sandra Gondang is a Cameroonian by nationality. She is currently studying biochemistry at the university of Douala. At age 22, Sandra produces organic skin care and hair care products and markets them with the brand name BM bio. Some of her products include coconut oil, black soap, hairgrowth oil and Hair moisturizer.

Sandra is living proof of the rise of young African female entrepreneurs. Follow Sandra on Social media. Facebook :Bm bioInstagram:Bm_bio237 Whatsapp:670943576

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