Superhero Ugiagbe

Hi there! Welcome to another incredible story of young people spearheading change in Africa. If you haven’t been keeping up with the superheroes initiative, you can catch up here. Today we will tell you more about our superhero Jonathan Ugiagbe!

Jonathan Ugiagbe. Nigerian

Jonathan Ugiagbe, is an easy-going person. He likes straight-forward people( their lack of drama makes life so much easier ­čśë )┬áHis objective is to work with existing staff and facilities, contributing the best of┬áhis ability and quota to improve organizational objectives and achieve management goals and targets.

“A noble leader answers not to the trumpet calls of self promotion but to the whispers of necessity”

-Molli Marti

Jonathan is a voluntary member of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. A member of Voices of Youth, a resident representative/U-Reporter-UNICEF Nigeria and a Commonwealth Correspondent in Benin City, Nigeria. His hobbies are reading, writing, politics, travelling, entertainment, sports (fan of Arsenal), social-political crusader cum activist and above all, he believes he was created and designed to serve humanity-God Almighty. Community service and spreading love and hope are his superpowers. Jonathan’s story is amazing right? Share and let others know.

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