Superhero Mbi

Ah! music, the invisible companion that reflects our ingrained emotions. Music like a good companion walks with us in our moments of joy, sadness, regret, heartache and hope. Bizou Mbi, our superhero today, understands the power of music and is building a legacy in Africa.

Bizou Mbi. 24 years old. Cameroonian.

Bizou Mbi is an upcoming artist based in Buea, Cameroon. He currently has a couple of videos out now on YouTube. Bizou is gradually gaining grounds in Buea and he believes he fits into the entertainment industry perfectly. He started his career in music back in 2018 and has already worked with several hit producers like Boy TAG, Double Dough and other influential producers in the entertainment industry.

Bizou Mbi live performance.
Live performance

Follow Bizou on his various social media platforms @ Bizou Mbi (Facebook, Twitter and intstagram), Bizou Official (YouTube and Facebook page).

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