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Hello, salut, jambo, bawo, ibaulachi, kushe, molo. Warm African greetings to you. We just launched our African Superheroes month! well if you’re thinking “what? Africa has superheroes?” then you should probably read this . We kickoff this initiative with Africa’s very own Igweshi Augustine!

Igweshi Augustine. 29 years old. Nigerian

Igweshi Augustine has over four years’ experience running a nonprofit organization. He is a passionate, innovative, creative, dynamic youth, quality education and peace advocate, a leader with high intellect, richly endowered with unprecedented leadership acumen, a mentor, a social entrepreneur. He is the Founder/Executive director of Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development (CEPASD) a youth-led non-governmental organization with thematic areas in Peace building, Quality education, entrepreneurship and leadership development CEPASD operates in Nigeria and Zimbabwe also he is the CEO CEPASD Global.

“The Youth of a nation are the trustees of prosperity”

He is passionate about leadership, peace, quality education, innovation, entrepreneurship and youth and children development. Through CEPASD he has been able to reach about 10,000 youths across Africa through his advocacy program on peace, quality education and leadership training both online and offline. He is an honourable Member of Democracy African Youth Parliament (DAYP), currently the Vice Chairman House Committee on African Entrepreneurship and Vice Chairman House committee on Human Right and Self Determination (DAYP). He initiated the Nigeria youth summit under his organization CEPASD under the theme “transforming education” commemorating the international youth day 2019. The outcome of the summit which is currently gaining attention from the government, was the formation of an advocacy to increase the budgetary for education in Nigeria by 20%.

He has been able to carve a niche for himself through his works on peace, leadership and education. He is pioneer of #ThinkPeace ActPeace project for secondary school as part of peace education project, Empower4Peace, The Engagement, Nigeria Youth Summit. he is a leader who leads by example having led his team to the successful hosting of Nigeria Youth Summit where hundreds of Nigerian youth gathered to discuss and proffered solutions on transforming education sector of Nigeria. He is the Co-Host Global Access Master Class in Abuja. Assistant coordinator African youth summit. He is part of youth health mental and suicide prevention awarness titled the Journey by OmaAfrica to raise awarness on curbing the suicide in the society. His mission is to see a world where everyone will live and stay in peace, a world where everyone will have access to better and quality education, a world where the youths are change makers, making great impact.

Check out some pictures of our superhero in action. Did this inspire you? Leave a comment, share and let others know. We will be sharing more inspiring superhero stories. Be sure to keep your ears on the ground so don’t miss any.

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