Superhero Chia

One of my childhood memories is just sitting by the fireside and listening to my grand mother’s stories and chants of brave men and women of the old days. Her stories always ended with a call to action and/or a moral lesson. Well today I will like us to gather round my virtual fireside(just pretend the fireside is there ­čśë ) as I tell you the story of a superhero called Chia Mom Michael!

Chia Michael. 24 years old. Nigerian

Michael is a fresh graduate of law from Benue State University, Makurdi. He is a Global Peace Ambassador for Global Peace Chain and a GeneralKopho Leadership Program (GLP) fellow. In addition to that, he is a volunteer at Slum2School Africa, an NGO that has prioritized sending indigent children back to school. He is also one of the coordinators of ProjectBackToSchool, a campaign jointly carried out by Eje-Lina Reach Out Activity and Ripple Vision Foundation in Benue State which has same aims and objectives as Slum2School. Last year, he was one of the coordinators of “December To Remember” (Dec2rem) in Benue State. Dec2rem is Africa’s biggest orphanage outreach and they have a target of touching the lives of one million orphans across 54 African countries. He loves reading and traveling. His philosophy of life is “darkness cannot overcome darkness unless light is in. Hate cannot overcome hate unless love is in.”

I now ask you the same question my grandma always asked at the end of her stories. what have you learnt from this story? I dare to take it a notch further by asking you what You think you can do to solve some challenges in your community. Reflect and do leave a comment.

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