Superhero Aliu

Hello, salut, jambo, m’bole, lumelang, salama, bawo, Ibaulachi, sawubona! Warm African greetings to you! We christened the month of October superheroes month to celebrate our African youth doing great things for the continent. ( Why do we even call them superheroes? click here to find out). Well today we have the honor to present Africa’s very own Iyanuoluwa Aliu!

Aliu. Age 23. Nigerian

Iyanuoluwa Aliu is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about food security and youth/smallholder farmer’s empowerment. Currently, Iyanuoluwa is the Co-founder of MyFarmbase Africa where he leads a team of 20+ volunteers to provide youths and smallholder farmers with Agri-Tech skills, education and opportunities to enable them earn sustainably and curb youth unemployment in Africa.

Aliu equally coordinates AgriTechLab where 200+ youths/smallholder farmers have been trained on Soilless Farming and how to trade commodities on Blockchain. Additionally, he coordinates MFB Digital Drive that engages 5000+ youths and agricultural stakeholders via newsletters; tweet chats with AgriTech experts across the globe and webinars.
He was selected among 99 other delegates from 45 countries to participate in 2019 Youth Ag Summit in Brazil. Iyanuoluwa is the convener of Young Innovators Boot camp that has helped 70+ students in underserved communities design projects to solve climate change, food insecurity, and other global issues.

Who said change must come with age. Aliu is proving once again that young people have potential to be change agents in their communities. Africa says thank you, merci, shrukan, asante, nagode, imena, e se, to Aliu our superhero. Did this story inspire you? tell us how? leave a comment and spread the word!

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