Meet our Young Change Makers

Young and More Initiative has launched its first Young Change Makers Program for 2021.

During a period of 1 month, 7 dynamic young Cameroonians will contribute to the organization’s goal of empowering young people on the African continent. The first cohort of change makers consists of 3 teams of Campaign managers, social media managers and project managers. Please scroll down to acquaint yourself with them:

The Campaigns management team

  1. Sandra Munka is 26 years old and a holder of a BS.c in Journalism from the National Polytechnic University Institute (NPUI) Bamenda. She is a mum, a lover of God and has a passion for photography and art. She will be leading YOAMI’s mental health campaign in her role as Campaign Manager.

2. Ebongkome Jennifer is a graduate from the university of Buea, with an LL.B. She is a Cameroonian and lives in Buea. Jennifer is 22years old, she is a music minister and a Christian. She will be jointly managing YOAMI’s “30 under 30 young leaders and women in science campaigns.” 

3.Ayuk Eta Gaston is a target-oriented Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and sales executive with experience in data collection /analysis, reporting, and customer management. He will be jointly managing YOAMI’s “30 under 30 young leaders and women in science campaigns.” Gaston believes that team work makes the dream work.

The project Management team

4. Tsayem Boukeu Romanie is a Cameroonian and a PhD student at the University of Yaoundé II, Soa. As a project manager, Romanie will be managing YOAMI’s “opportunities for African youths” projects.

5. Lydie NKENGNE est une Camerounaise âgée de 27 ans. Elle est communicatrice de formation et elle a plusieurs expériences dans la gestion de projet sociaux et dans la mobilisation et l’encadrement des jeunes. Lydie est aussi entrepreneure dans le secteur des TIC plus précisément dans les edTech. Lydie sera chef de projet pour le projet “opportunités pour les jeunes africains”.

The social media management team

6. Alexis Kameni est un spécialiste de la communication pour le de développement et spécialiste pour la communication pour le changement de comportement. Alexis rejoindra l’équipe en tant que responsable des médias sociaux.

7. Akum Fritz Achu is a young and talented Cameroonian. He will be joining the YOAMI team as a social media manager. He is happy to begin this exciting adventure with team spirit.

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