Day 2 of Mental health Challenge

Day 2 Quote: “The only journey is the journey within” 

Rainer Maria Rilke 

Day 2 Action:

DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. Stop procrastinating. Enjoying yourself helps beat stress.  Pick up an interest for instance :Learn how to play a guitar,  cook a delicious meal,  concentrate on gardening,  read a book,  paint,  play football. What ever you do you really have to concentrate on getting it right so there’s no room in your head for negative thoughts.  Play is an emotional and mental health necessity.  

Day 2 Affirmation: Say this to yourself today “I am strong and capable”

This Campaign is managed by Sandra Munka.

Sandra Munka is 26 years old and a holder of a BS.c in Journalism from the National Polytechnic University Institute (NPUI) Bamenda. She is a mum, a lover of God and has a passion for photography and art. She will be leading YOAMI’s mental health campaign in her role as Campaign Manager.

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