And so the adventure Begins

Thanks for stopping by. I’m so excited to introduce Young And More Initiative ( Yaaaaay!). This is a youth-led initiative which gives young people a platform to contribute substantially to their community. How? Through our 3 amazing initiatives ! namely;

  • Share2Find: Our online community to help you find missing items.
  • Inspire Newsletter: Our blog that showcases the Incredible work of young people.
  • Untold: Heart warming stories of bravery.

” Love. Hope. Community “

  1. Share2Find: well If you lost something really important you will want the whole world to stop and help you find it right? Share2Find is an online platform that allows users to upload details of missing items and shares them on social media through online volunteer group chats. Our volunteers help spread the word about your lost item on social media! Not all heroes wear capes right? click here to volunteer today
Love. Hope. Community

2. Inspire Newsletter: If u think this generation is just a social-media-attention-seeking one ( I know you lowkey do ­čśë ), then you better think again. 1.8 billion young people is a massive source of innovation for the greater good. Follow us as we share the exploits and challenges of today’s youth.

3. Untold: We share truly inspiring stories of bravery and triumph in the face of adversities.

Join our community as we begin this journey towards a better tomorrow. What do you think? leave a comment

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