Africa’s superheroes

Welcome to the month of October!! This month we are going to focus on the exploits of Africa’s most valuable possessions( drum rollllls ­čÖé ).. African youths!

” It’s the young trees that make up the forest”

( African proverb )

This continent is home to amazing young people with innovative ideas to solve issues ranging from climate change, food security, entrepreneurship, gender based violence, poverty eradication etc. and these young people are going to talk about the impact their work is having on the continent.

They may not wear capes. They may not have laser vision and they definitely can’t travel in time but their dedication to their cause is what makes them every bit of the superheroes we need.

Join us as we dedicate this month to sharing truly inspiring stories of our African youth, our African superheroes.

Do you Know any African Superheroes? Yes? leave a comment.

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