African Women in graphic designing boot camp

Young and More initiative (YOAMI) in partnership with Wiz graphics and company is launching a FREE boot camp to enable 250 African women to learn graphic designing. This boot camp is open to All African women and will be held entirely online. The boot camp will last for about 5 days (2nd June to 6th June 2021) and will enable participants to be able to design graphics even from their phones. You do not need to have an extensive IT background to participate in this event. To apply, please click on the apply button below and you will be asked to fill a short form. The spaces for the boot camp will be filled on a “first come” basis. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below to receive updates on opportunities directly by email.


About Wiz graphics and company

Wiz graphics and company has trained more than 1,000 students from Cameroon, Chile, Dubai, Nigeria, Pakistan on Smartphone Graphic designing. They have equally worked and are working for brands such as Creative Director in: DataGirl Technologies (Cameroon), Dainty’s African American (Dubai), Fearless Seka(Cameroon), e.t.c.

Meet the training team

Trainer: Wisdom Bright

Wisdom Bright despite being an Economics student, is a devoted and passionate Graphic designer. He specialized in smartphone Brand Identify Design (Logo design), but he is still actively engaged in other branches of Graphic design. He is the founder of Wiz Graphics and Company which was established on the 21st of May 2020. This company is aimed at helping individuals and brands to experience growth, clarity and standout in whatever they do or sell.

Coordinator: Quinsly Neh-Bih Chi

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Quinsly is the editor in Chief of Young and More Initiative. She is a highly creative content creator and blogger. She is a B.Sc. graduate in Physics with a high drive towards problem-solving and seeing things through to completion. Quinsly is presently a master’s student in Environmental Engineering. She is continuously committed to improving and learning skills through effective teamwork and modern technology that will result in a great impact on her environment and a great multitude of people

While you are here, please apply to be featured in our 30 under 30 African Leaders Campaign and our Women in science campaigns. Please share these opportunities with your various networks. Thank you.

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