A delightful experience of a lifetime happened for the first time on the streets of Bamenda, Cameroon on the 14th of February 2021. Inspired by the repressing charms of love during this season and month of February, Mah Fomunyam and Mechi, felt a creative need to converge singles too into the celebration of love with a clever and new event titled: SINGLES TO MINGLE.

Mah Fomunyam is a female holder of B.Sc. in Insurance and owner of Kuki’s events whilst Mechi is founder of Black and Natural, CEO of Hair Klinik with a Master’s degree in Project Management.

A turn out of 18 singles in a private valentine cocktail, all daring to believe the exciting idea that they could stand a chance of finding love on a one on one encounter with other singles was a dream come true for both Mah and Mechi’s conspiracy.

Post reservation of tickets and tackling of all the required preparations as highlighted by the hosts , the singles after a week of preparation, then arrived the set venue; Prescraft, Oposite Santa Park, Commercial Avenue at about 1p.m prompt.

To some, it was the first time setting foot into the artistic walls of the Prescraft Restaurant and to others it wasn’t. The atmosphere however, graced with scented candles, candlelight, roses and wine was a blissful sight to all.

Following an agenda of prayer, speed dates, mind games , dinner, exchange of admiration cards and contacts, came then the end of the event.

The Anglophone crisis in the NW and SW regions of Cameroon has no doubt been a colossal factor to stagnation of creativity among youths in those areas. Ongoing now for over 4 years, the ability to rise beyond the negativity, daily news of increasing deaths and all too often regressing economy takes a willpower of a waterfall.

Many keep trying to take their voice back and finding purpose above the dark clouds. If anything, youths like Mah Fomunyam and Mechi are quite extraordinary. Who knows what next year’s valentine will bring!?

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