30 under 30 Young African leaders

The African continent is very young in terms of its population and young Africans play a crucial role in the development of the continent, but the work of these unsung heroes does not often receive coverage. Young and More Initiative (YOAMI) has launched a campaign to amplify the work and voices of young African leaders. Through this campaign, 30 young African leaders who are 30 years or younger, will be featured on YOAMI’s inspire newsletter (Blog) where YOAMI will shed light on their outstanding leadership achievements. YOAMI is a youth-led initiative which uses digital tools to empower youths.

Should you apply?

  • This opportunity is available to young people who are 30 years old and below.
  • This opportunity is available only to Africans or people of African descent including those in the diaspora.
  • We select African youths who have a track record of achievements in various sectors such as these listed below:
    • Humanitarian and non-profit,
    • Arts and fashion,
    • Entrepreneurship,
    • Business,
    • climate change,
    • Science,
    • Education
    • Energy
    • Enterprise Technology
    • Finance
    • Food & Drink
    • Games
    • Healthcare
    • Hollywood & Entertainment
    • Manufacturing & Industry
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • Media
    • Music
    • Retail & Ecommerce
    • Science
    • Social Entrepreneurs (Impact)
    • Social Media
    • Sports
    • Venture Capital etc.

To express your interest, please click on “apply” and you will be redirected to fill a short form. Thank you for your interest. Deadline for Application is 5th of June 2021 at 6 pm WAT. Subscribe to our newsletter below to receive similar opportunities delivered directly to your email.


This campaign is managed by Ayuk Gaston

Ayuk Eta Gaston is a target-oriented Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and sales executive with experience in data collection /analysis, reporting, and customer management. He is jointly managing YOAMI’s “30 under 30 young leaders and women in science campaigns” as a member of YOAMI’s young Change Makers Program 2021.

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