30 Under 30 Young African Leaders: Biaze Dieunang

7. Biaze Dieunang. 26 years old. Cameroon

Biaze Dieunang is a seasoned and disciplined hard-working young
man, with dynamic leadership potential , local and international volunteer.
In his career as a human rights
and humanitarian officer, he has developed as a leader with roles
of increasing responsibility for programs and people’s leadership

Biaze is deeply committed to humanitarian mandates to save lives by
eradicating extreme poverty and combating social injustice. He is
passionate about lifting families, especially women and girls out of
poverty and fighting against injustices that deny the majority of the
world’s population .

Biaze has worked with a team of experts across the globe from Cameroon, America, Canada, Ethiopia, Malawi on improving the standards of living of villages in the interior of Malawi. Biaze was the leader in charge of the food program which had to give the kids in this area a balanced diet because most infancy stemmed from malnutrition. Biaze was able to come forth with a sustainable porridge idea as all the ingredients was from local cultivation. The porridge meal is still a main meal for the locals of Zomba, Lumbardzi etc till date.

In 2018-2019, Biaze worked in providing help to internally displaced persons (IDPs) by working with Humanitarian organizations applying for funds to help IDPs run their day-to-day life as well as training them in local trade. He goes into conflict zones as such for data collection, coordinating mobile clinics for pregnant women, lactating mothers and wounded civilians and soldiers and to make arrangements for placement in schools for IDPs and negotiates funding.

Presently, Biaze is working hand in hand with People’s Human Right Defence Organization, with the traditional council office of the southwest and the state council chambers on a project he wrote, and is trying to implement on reinstating traditional judiciary system  as a way of mediation and amicably settling conflict in various local communities with their traditional settings being inclusive.

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